A Prayer & Praise Update from the Deam Team

Serving the Lord at the

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) International Headquarters

Teaching at the Children’s Ministries Institute® (CMI®)

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June 2019


Many of our CEF co-workers around the world are facing tough times as they strive to reach children for Christ. We ask you to pray for them.


Children’s Ministries Institute® (CMI®) in country “I” (A country in which we helped train nationals.)

A few years back we had the privilege of traveling overseas and training nationals of country “I” how to conduct their own CMI session. Because CEF has now considered this country a sensitive country and to protect our CEF co-workers, we can no longer name this country in correspondence. At this present time a CMI session is taking place and being taught in one of the national languages of this country. It is so encouraging to hear that one of our former students is coordinating the CMI session and other former students are instructors at this CMI. It was reported that the temperature has been over 100 degrees but the electricity and air conditioning has been working properly.


…the Lord for the multiplication that is taking place—we trained workers who are training other workers to reach children for Christ!

…the Lord for meeting the physical needs of the students and instructors of this CMI session.


…for sister “U” who is juggling being a wife, a mother, a CEF worker and the coordinator of the CMI.

…that the students will understand and grasp what is being taught so they will be able to reach many children with the Gospel.


We also received word that brother “J,” a local CEF director, is ill with a fever and headache. He had spent hundreds of hours on the computer editing and formatting the CMI notes into the language. Brother “J” got glasses last week but now has had a fever for the past several days. His doctor told him to take a two-week break from the computer.


…for complete healing for brother “J.” Pray that he will get the needed rest and that any translation that still needs to take place will be completed.


…the Lord for the dedication and desire these national CEF workers have for training others and reaching the children of their country!


Persecution facing our CEF workers of A-R-M

The initials A-R-M represent three countries where our CEF workers are presently facing persecution for their faith and for sharing the Gospel with children and training others to do the same.       


…the Lord for the faithfulness and burden our fellow CEF co-workers have for reaching children with the Gospel.


…that the Lord will put a hedge of protection around these CEF workers. When you look at your arm will you please pray for the CEF workers of ARM?

…that the court cases and charges against these workers will be dropped.

…that the Lord will give strength and peace to the CEF workers around the world who live in sensitive countries.


Lisa will be recorded teaching a Bible lesson

On June 26 Lisa will be going into the CEF studio to be recorded teaching a Bible lesson. This lesson will then be available online for Good News Club teachers to watch and use in preparation for teaching in their club.  


…that the recording process will go smoothly with few mistakes and do-overs.

…that the Lord will use this lesson demonstration to help many Good News Club teachers in their preparation for teaching the children.


Celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary!

On June 17, 1979 we were married so this year we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary! From June 13 through June 23 we’ll be taking a vacation and traveling to Virginia (historic Williamsburg and surrounding area) to celebrate.  


…the Lord for bringing us together as husband and wife.

…the Lord that we have been able to serve together in CEF ministry for 35 years.


…for travel safety and that we will be refreshed.

…that we will grow closer to the Lord and each other in the years to come.




Earnest prayer needed for the Lord to send more workers into the harvest

And He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest” Luke 10:2 [ESV].  

Will you join us in praying earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest?   


…that the Lord will provide workers for the USA states that are in need of a CEF state director.

…that the Lord will provide trained workers for the various countries who presently have only a few CEF workers.

…that the Lord will open the door for Good News Clubs to be started in North Korea so children will hear the Gospel and many people (of all ages) will be saved.



We so appreciate your prayers and financial support! Together we are laboring to reach the children! God bless you!


Tim & Lisa Deam 

Leadership Training Instructors with the Department of Education, Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. 

Deam Team Account:  HQ00 2830

P.O. Box 348, Warrenton, MO 63383