A Prayer & Praise Update from the Deam Team

Serving the Lord at the

Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) International Headquarters

Teaching at the Children’s Ministries Institute® (CMI®)

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March-April 2019




We ask for prayer that CMI® will continue going well

The Lord has brought us a great group of CMI students for this spring session! There are several students who are career changers and have recently gotten involved with CEF ministry. Then we have a group of young women who have had experience with CEF as field staff and are excited to take back what they’re learning in CMI. We see two various age groups in this class of students. Many are from 55-63 and are career changers (there are three pastors in the class). Then we have a group of young women in the 20-40 year age range. It has been a joy watching the younger students helping the older students with computer skills needed for homework assignments and watching the younger students glean wisdom and advice from their older classmates. Several of the students have been asking for prayer as family members back home are experiencing trials and spiritual conflict. We have seen spiritual maturity and prayer warriors as we observe the students. Graduation for this spring session will be Thursday afternoon, April 18.



…the Lord for the encouragement and godly example the CMI students have been to us.

…the Lord for how He has helped and guided the students as they have mastered computer skills.


…that the Lord will continue working in the life of each student as they learn methods and gain information to expand their skills of reaching children and training others to spread the Gospel to the children of the world.

…that we will be a godly example to the students and will encourage them as we teach and interact with them on a daily basis.


We ask for prayer as we serve the Lord through various responsibilities at CMI

When CMI is in session we often arrive at the CEF Headquarters early and stay late. Besides teaching many classes during CMI, Tim has the responsibility of leading the student’s daily morning prayer time as well as the weekly Wednesday evening worship/prayer session from 5:45-6:30. Lisa manages the CMI bookstore and we both oversee Friday night and week-end activities for the students (game nights, talent night, zoo trip, graduation banquet, etc.). Recently Tim was asked to fill in for another instructor and teach the 30-minute morning devotions for a 2-week module. As a result he has been studying and updating lesson plans to use while teaching. We would greatly appreciate your prayers as we prepare and teach.


…that we will be faithful in our own personal time with the Lord.

…that the Lord will guide and direct us as we prepare to teach.

…that the Lord will use our words while teaching to further His Kingdom.

…that the Lord will give us energy, stamina and continued good health.

…that the Lord will give us an ever increasing burden for the lost.


We ask for prayer for our weekly after-school Good News Club®

Please pray for us on Thursdays March 28, April 4 and 11 between 2:45-4:15PM as we teach in an after-school Good News Club.        


…that we will communicate the Gospel and discipleship truths carefully and clearly to the children.

…that the Lord will draw the unsaved children to Himself.

…that the Lord will work mightily in the life of all the children who attend. Especially pray for Bobbie—her attitude and behavior.


Will you pray for the Lord to send more workers into the harvest field?

Jesus spoke these words:

And He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest” Luke 10:2 [ESV].  

Will you join us in praying earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest?   


…that the Lord will provide workers for the 16 USA states without a CEF state director.

…that the Lord will provide trained workers for the various countries who presently have only a few CEF workers.

…that the Lord will open the door for Good News Clubs to be started in North Korea so children will hear the Gospel and many people (of all ages) will be saved.

…that the Lord will bring the students of His choosing to the fall CMI session (August-November).



We so appreciate your prayers! Thank you too for the financial support many of you give!

Tim & Lisa Deam 

Leadership Training Instructors with the Department of Education, Child Evangelism Fellowship Inc. 

Deam Team Account:  HQ00 2830

P.O. Box 348, Warrenton, MO 63383