Thereís More to Christmas than Santa Claus


Aim: To help children understand the real meaning of Christmas.

Puppets needed: One girl and one boy


HOLXM251Sammy:††††††††† Hey, Patty! Want to hear a Christmas joke?


Patty:††††††††††† Sure, Sammy.


Sammy:††††††††† What do you use to get Santa out of the chimney when he gets stuck?


Patty:††††††††††††† Hmm . . . I donít know.


Sammy:††††††††† You use Santa Flush.


Patty:††††††††††††† (Laughs) Thatís a good joke, Sammy! But, did you realize that there is more to Christmas than Santa Claus?


Sammy:††††††††† I know that! Christmas is presents and Christmas trees and presents and mistletoe and presents and candy canes and (hesitates) did I mention presents?


Patty:††††††††††††† Yes, only a few times. Those things are all part of the worldís view of Christmas. The real reason we celebrate Christmas is to remember the birth of Godís Son, Jesus.


Sammy:††††††††† Oh, thatís right. I forgot about Jesus. He is the real reason for the season, isnít He?


Patty:††††††††††††† Itís sad Sammy, but lots of people forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas.


Sammy:††††††††† From now on Iím going to remember the real reason and Iím going to help others remember it, too.


Patty:††††††††††††† To help remind us of the real reason, letís say John 3:16 together.


Sammy:††††††††† Okay!


Patty and Sammy: John 3:16, ďFor God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.Ē (both exit)



After the play has been presented, talk about how people often forget the real reason for Christmas. Encourage your class to always remember the real reason and share it with others.

Written by Tim and Lisa Deam

Text Box: © 2012 Tim and Lisa Deam