Love One Another

Puppet Play


Aim:To remind the children that they need to be happy when good things happen to others.

This play can be used as a puppet play or as a skit with two children reading the parts.

Puppets needed: two girl puppets



Susan:††††††† Itís just not fair that my sister gets to have a slumber party and I donít get to go to it!

Trish:†††††††† Well, it is Jamieís birthday, not yours.

Susan:††††††† But why do I have to help get ready for the party by cleaning the house while Jamie goes

shopping with Aunt Diane?

Trish:†††††††† Remember when you had your birthday party? Your parents took you and your friends to

the pizza place and Jamie didnít get to go.

Susan:††††††† Yeah, I remember.

Trish:†††††††† It pleases God when you are happy for people when good things happen to them.

Susan:††††††† I guess youíre right. Jamie is my sister and I should be happy that she gets a special party

for her birthday.

Trish:†††††††† Iíd be glad to come and help you clean the house and help get ready for the party.

Susan:††††††† Wow! Thanks. Letís go!(both exit)


Both read:John 13:17 ďIf you know these things, happy are you if you do them.Ē



††††††††††††††† Written by Tim and Lisa Deam


Text Box: © 2012 Tim and Lisa Deam