PPLGL196Neighborhood Missionary

Aim: To help children understand that they can be a missionary at any age.
Puppets needed: one boy and one girl


(Missy and Harry are walking home from Good News Clubģ or church.)


Missy: ††††† I love going to Good News Club* and learning about Jesus.


Harry:††††† So do I! (getting more excited) I love the missionary stories, the songs, the missionary stories, the Bible stories, the missionary stories, the games, the missionary stories . . .


Missy:†††††† Okay, okay, Harry! I get the point. You really like the missionary stories. So do I!


Harry:††††† I think it was great that our teacher invited a real missionary to come to Good News Club!


Missy:†††††† It sure was! I liked hearing about all the places the missionary has traveled to and the country he lives in.


Harry:††††† I canít wait until I get old enough to go to another country to be a missionary.


Missy:†††††† Harry, you donít have to go to another country to be a missionary.


Harry: †††† Of course you do. We just met a real missionary who travels to other countries telling people about Jesus. All missionaries go to other countries.


M_FGL015Missy:†††††† No they donít. Some missionaries stay right in their own state and city and serve the Lord.


Harry:††††† But you have to be grown-up to be a real missionary.


Missy:†††††† Not exactly, Harry. You can be a missionary right here, right now.


Harry:††††† How can I do that?


Missy:†††††† By telling your school friends, your family, or your neighbors about Jesus.


Harry:††††† Wow! I never thought I could be a missionary right here at home.


Missy:†††††† Then maybe someday when you are older you can be a missionary in another country, if thatís what God wants you to do.


Harry:††††† (speaking to himself) I can be a missionary right now. Right in my own neighborhood. (speaking to Missy) I have to get started right away! Hey, Missy!


Missy:†††††† What, Harry?


Harry:††††† Do you have a suitcase I can borrow? Itís never too soon to start packing. (exits)


Missy: (speaking to the audience) I wonder if he knows that heíll outgrow the clothes heís going to pack? (exits)


Written by Tim and Lisa Deam

* Note: Substitute church or Sunday school for Good News Club if so desired.

© 2012 Tim and Lisa Deam